3 Reasons Why You Should Never Talk to the Police

Three Simple Reasons Why You Should Never Talk to the Police without An Attorney  “We love our police officers and appreciate what they do but be like a fish and don’t take the bait!” – Carlos P. Gonzalez  Reason 1. If your being questioned they generally think your guilty of…

Miami-Dade Police New eCitation Program

Earlier this year the Miami-Dade Police unveiled their new eCitation program but unless you have been stopped by a police officer and issued an eCitation, chances are you didn’t know of such program.

What Do You Do When You Get a Traffic Ticket?

We all have seen them. Every morning when we rise from bed and before we leave the house to head to work, we turn on the news station and see their commercials blaring out, “Traffic Ticket! Car Accident!” Call 1-800- so and so and be alleviated of stress.

The Romeo and Juliet Laws, The Sex Offender

Sebastian, Florida resident Kaitlyn Hunt was arrested in February 2013 on two felony counts for an alleged sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl. At the time of the alleged relationship, Hunt was an 18-year-old senior at Sebastian River High School in Florida; the victim was a freshman. She was offered…

TSA Advisory for Traveling with a Firearm

TSA Advisory for Traveling with a Firearm by Criminal Attorney Carlos Gonzalez Season 10 American Idol winner Scotty McCreery may be known for his voice but if you Google his name, not only will you get a long list of his discography and video performances you will also see news…