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Coronavirus in Miami: How does it affect your legal case?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Miami-Dade Legal Response by Criminal Defense Attorney Carlos Gonzalez. What to do about your legal case? Criminal Court is closed.  For more information please visit Stay tuned for more… the ticket clinic, ticket clinic miami, miami traffic ticket, traffic ticket defense

The Legalities of an Indictment

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team recently indicted or and gotten guilty pleas from 33 people and three companies associated with the Russian collusion investigation. That group consists of five former Trump advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one California man, and one London-based lawyer. Seven out of the group have already pleaded guilty. The…

Can You Travel While on Probation?

We all at times get put in difficult situations. Some may be harsh and others may be minor but no matter the level of difficulty it is, getting involved in situations we never intentionally wanted to partake in, comes with living life itself. And despite the bad rap lawyers tend to get in films, a…