Coronavirus Update Miami Carlos Gonzalez Criminal Defense Attorney

Coronavirus in Miami: How does it affect your legal case?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Miami-Dade Legal Response by Criminal Defense Attorney Carlos Gonzalez. What to do about your legal case? Criminal Court is closed.  For more information please visit Stay tuned for more… the ticket clinic, ticket clinic miami, miami traffic ticket, traffic ticket defense

The Difference between Local, State and Federal Laws

The laws that govern our local communities, states and country change all the time. The U.S. Constitution is our first form of law. It provides the backbone to our way of government by establishing a governmental power and detailed its responsibilities. In addition, the U.S. Constitution allowed for the preservation of the basic rights of…

The Law on Trafficking Drugs, People & Credit Cards

Doing anything that involves criminal activity is wrong and whether it is the local, state or federal, authorities they can always seek the maximum penalties for offenders. One crime that has been on the scene for quite some time is trafficking. There are various forms of trafficking. From the trafficking of people to drugs and…