What happens if you Driving Without a License in Florida

Section 322.03

According to Section 322.03 of the Florida Statutes, it is illegal for an individual to drive a vehicle on Florida state highways in the absence of a valid driving license. Legal action can be taken against you under this statute if:

1. The vehicle was under your physical control

2. You were driving where people drive motor vehicles

3. The state had not issued a driver license to you that authorized you to drive a motor vehicle on streets, highways and public roads.

There are different proceedings and penalties for driving without a valid driver’s license and for driving with a suspended license. No proof of knowledge on part of the accused driver is required for bringing charges of driving without a license. The state only has to prove that you did not possess a valid driving license and that you were driving a motor vehicle.

For driving on a suspended license, proof of knowledge is required. In such cases, the state must prove that the defendant knew that their license was suspended.


If you are convicted for driving without a valid license in Florida, you will not be counted as a Habitual Traffic Offender. This conviction will make you guilty of a second-degree misdemeanor. The fine can reach $500 and the jail sentence can go up to 60 days. If you have no criminal record, you have a chance of not being sentenced to prison. You may also be allowed to benefit from the pre-trial diversion program in which you will have to obtain your license (if eligible), pay money, and abide by the law for a set time period. If you successfully complete the program, your charges may be dismissed and you can apply to clear your record.

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