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Types of Domestic Violence Cases

Whenever the term ‘domestic violence’ is brought up in a conversation, the first thing that comes to mind is physical assault. People usually associate domestic violence with physical violence that causes visible injuries to the victim. But that is not the full extent of it!

What Is Domestic Violence?

In reality, domestic violence encompasses any action that is taken for the purpose of controlling or intimidating the other person. The person who causes such violence can be by a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or any close family member. It is generally assumed that only women are the victims of domestic violence but men can be victims too.

Types of Domestic Violence

Being physically assaulted is not the only way domestic violence is perpetuated. Domestic violence can take many forms which everyone should be aware of.

  1. Control
    When one person in a relationship tries to control, dominate, or pressurize the other person, it is domestic violence. Controlling behavior is where one person wants to maintain dominance over the other. The person controlling believes that their controlling behavior is justified.
  2. Verbal Abuse
    Verbal abuse involves directing curses, foul language, threats by phone, text or social media, and blame towards another individual to berate them and make them feel less than. Verbal abuse embarrasses, humiliates, and denigrates the victim.
  3. Physical Abuse
    Physical abuse is something everyone recognizes as domestic violence. When one person shows physically aggressive behavior, withholds physical needs of the other, or even threats about abusing physically, it all falls under the umbrella of domestic violence.
  4. Emotional Abuse
    Emotional abuse is when one person is constantly degraded, discouraged, brainwashed, or manipulated. It shatters the self-confidence and self-worth of the victim. The victim may seem depressed and anxious. You may not realize but public humiliation is a type of emotional abuse as well.
  5. Sexual Abuse
    Forcing sex on a partner or using sex in an exploitive manner is sexual abuse. Not considering the consent of the victim over sex, forcing the victim to have sex with others, exploiting the victim sexually when they are drugged, intoxicated, or asleep, and even withholding sex from the victim unnecessarily are considered as sexual abuse.
  6. Isolation
    Keeping the victim from meeting people they wish to see, controlling the victim’s meetings, and controlling what the victim does is considered domestic violence. The abuser isolates the victim so that the victim may not be able to get any help to leave the relationship. Initially, it starts as expressions of love like “if you really love me, you should spend all your time with me” but it later manifests as behavior that is explicitly controlling.
  7. Economic Abuse
    Not fulfilling the monetary needs of a partner or diminishing the capacity of the victim to support themselves is economic abuse. This way, the victim depends completely on the abuser financially. This ensures that the victim has no financial support that may motivate them to escape the relationship.
  8. Male Privilege
    Males are generally considered the stronger, more dominant members in any relationship. Using that privilege to intimidate or control the other person is also considered domestic violence.

It is important that you are aware of all types of domestic violence so that when you experience something like it or witness anything happening around you, you are aware of what it is. Domestic violence is never justifiable and should be reported immediately.

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