Failing To Stop After An Accident

According to Florida traffic laws, failing to stop after an accident is a major violation. It can lead to a huge penalty as well as imprisonment. Drivers who leave the scene of an accidents have many different reasons why they chose to do so. Some reasons are better than others. In many cases if they stay at the accident scene and report everything correctly to the police, they won’t have to face harsh punishments and penalties. 

According to the latest report of Florida Highway Patrol, there have been over 92,000 hit and run cases reported in Florida. These included all kinds of cases ranging from minor car damage to deaths. Many people have lost their loved ones because of these terrible incidents. 

What to Do in Case of an Accident? 

We all know that getting into an accident is a frightening experience but if you ever face such a situation, here’s what you need to do: 

• Gather information on everyone involved in the accident scene. Record the names, contact numbers, driving license number, car model and the number on the car’s plate. 

• Call the ambulance in case someone has been injured 

• Report the accident to the Florida Highway Patrol or the police 

Never make the mistake of fleeing from the accident scene because that will result in harsh penalties. It might even result in imprisonment if the accident caused severe damage and fatalities.