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Put It Down, Focus on Driving

Los dispositivos de comunicacion inalambricos solo se pueden usar de formas manos libres cuando se conduce en un cruce escolar, zona escolar, o zona de trabajo activa designados en Florida. El Departamento de Seguridad Vial y Vehículos Motorizados de la Florida se está asociando con el Departamento de Transporte de la Florida y los socios…

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Miami Criminal Lawyer National Crime Prevention Month

National Crime Prevention Month

Since October is Crime Prevention Month, we would like to help bring awareness to celebrate safe communities and prevent crime. Here are a few ways you can help: 1. Work with our local public agencies to solve common problems 2. Set up a neighborhood watch or a community patrol working with police 3. Report any…

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Suspended License in Florida

With the traffic rules being so strict in Florida, you might end up with a suspended driver’s license at some point in your life. Your license can be suspended for days or even months, depending on the nature of your misdemeanor of felony crime. So what is a suspended driver’s license essentially? A suspended driver’s…

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