Know When to Hire a DUI Attorney

By definition, a lawyer is a licensed and well-educated professional whose job is to defend his or her client’s interest to the best of his or her abilities in the courtroom. There are both bad and good lawyers and some go above and beyond for their clients and are considered the best of the best. We at Carlos P. Gonzalez Law pride ourselves on being a firm that takes on difficult and complex cases. We are knowledgeable and experienced attorneys, and attorney of the attorneys. Every defendant who enters a courtroom should absolutely be accompanied by a lawyer. When we accompany our clients in the courtroom they are confident that we are going to fight for them. But despite our strong belief that every defendant who enters the courtroom should have legal representation, not all choose to do so.

DUI cases are one of the highest volume proceedings that go through the courtroom and surprisingly, a lot of defendants choose to try their cases without legal representation. These defendants tend to do so because they are misinformed and don’t realize defendants without attorneys are more likely to be found guilty than defendants who have legal representation. If this is news to you then the following information will probably make you rethink your decision in not getting legal representation if you are ever faced with a DUI. Here are the top reasons why anyone who is accused of a DUI should have legal representation.

A real DUI lawyer is an expert in alcohol- and drug-related court cases. Studies show that an experienced DUI attorney can get charges or sentencing reduced or have them dismissed.

If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reads close to the legal limit, your DUI attorney might be able to argue that there’s a possibility the Breathalyzer was incorrect and your DUI charges could be reduced to “reckless driving». If it’s determined that you were not intoxicated, you’ll most likely be charged with reckless driving.

Sentences for wet reckless driving normally do NOT require:


    Jail time

    License suspension or revocation

    As costly a fine

    Lengthy DUI program attendance


Sentence Reduction

Studies reveal that hiring a DUI lawyer improves a defendant’s chances of getting her or his sentence reduced. An experienced DUI attorney can make a deal in which his or her client agrees to plead guilty in return for a lesser penalty. Cases in which this decision would be beneficial include:


    High registered BAC

    Cases involving blood or urine testing

    Driving under the influence of anything other than alcohol

    A person had been harmed or killed as a result of the defendant’s driving 


Charges Dropped

There are several reasons why a DUI case can be completely dropped, most of which require a very strong understanding of laws and legal precedents that only experiences lawyers like Carlos P. Gonzalez Law have at our disposal. Every case is different but we remained the same. We remained 100 percent committed to helping our clients’ cases. Our consultations are always free. Contact us now (785) 358-6888.