Florida Law Changes by Attorney Carlos Gonzalez

The Florida Legislature is having quite a busy year and because of this Governor Rick Scott signed more than 100 bills into law from the 2018 legislative session, several of which took effect on July 1, 2018. Here are some of the new laws that can potentially affect most of us. 

 Controlled Substances

This bill will limit most painkiller prescriptions to a three-day supply in response to the opioid crisis killing at least 16 Floridians every day. Click here to read more.

 Education – Bullying

If your kid gets bullied, you can get a voucher to send your child to a private school as part of the «Hope Scholarship Program.»

 Marriage Licenses

This law states that marriage licenses may not be issued to a person under the age of 18 except under certain circumstances.

 Restricting Public Beach Access

HB 631 gives private businesses and homeowners the choice of whether or not they want to restrict the public from using the portion of beach on their property. It refers to the portion of the sand from the high tide water line up. That means the dry sand adjacent to their building could be private, while the wet sand will remain public.

 “Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act.”

The law requires sworn law enforcement officers to be stationed in every school in the state. The law also requires active shooter training in schools for one semester. School boards must establish threat assessment teams that will help assess and intervene people whose behavior may pose a threat to the safety of the school.

 State Symbols

Official state heritage cattle breed: The Florida Cracker Cattle is designated as the official Florida heritage cattle breed effectively July 1, 2018. 

 Telephone Solicitation

This bill is also referred to as the “Florida Call-Blocking Act.” It authorizes telecommunication providers to block certain calls; authorizes telecommunication providers to rely upon caller identification service information to determine the originating numbers to be able to block such calls.

 Non-native Animals

This bill requires the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission establish a pilot program that outlines procedures for the capture and disposal of invasive species.  

 Prescription Drug Pricing Transparency

This law requires a pharmacist to inform customers of a less expensive, generically equivalent drug product for her or his prescription and whether the cost-sharing obligation to the customer exceeds the retail price of the prescription in the absence of prescription drug coverage.

 Written Threats to Conduct Mass Shootings or Acts of Terrorism

This law reads as «Any person who makes, posts, or transmits a threat in a writing or other record, including an electronic record, to conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism, in any manner that would allow another person to view the threat, commits a felony of the second degree.” 

 Incarcerated Parents

Requires DCF to include parents who are incarcerated in development of case plans for their children; specifies respective responsibilities of the departments, correctional facilities, and incarcerated parents; provides conditions for amending case plan.

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