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In Carlos Gonzalez Law, we are expanding our services and implementing changes to our revolutionary legal platform and specialties. Aiding the community in new difficult branches of the judicial process and our clients in defending their rights, freedom, privileges, and businesses.

For over 20 years, we at Carlos Gonzalez Law have served to help the community traverse the oftentimes complex and intimidating legal system that governs South Florida. We’ve been Handling with pure professionalism and personal dedication each criminal case and affording our loyal client’s up-to-date legal advice and recourse in different languages.

We have been a pillar in the community, volunteering legal assistance in handling DUIs, traffic tickets, battery assault, domestic violence, child abuse, drug charges, probation & juvenile, sex crimes, and gun and & weapons charges. Presenting each of our esteemed clients with a streamlined service dedicated to the principles of fast turnarounds, confidentiality, and, above all, professionalism.


300 + Cases Dismissed

We handle all federal law and criminal law charges—felonies and misdemeanors—from violent crimes to white-collar crimes and criminal mischief with one of the County’s highest dismissal rate.

We have a high level of expertise, care, and due diligence. These three factors represent our core values; those same principles are now being transported to our new services and practices.


Expanding Services

As of 2020, the Carlos Gonzalez Law firm will start handling the following cases, aiding and helping the community and its clients in making their voices heard if they ever find themselves suffering one of these legal sandstorms.

  • Bankruptcy: sometimes that economic goldmine that you thought was going to pan out and you were going to strike it rich turns on you and goes belly up. You’re faced with a myriad of financial responsibilities that are well beyond your grasp to answer. Backers, investors, employees, contracts, and the dozens of other intricacies that you and your business have to face up to. Judicially when this takes place most businesses have no other remedy but to file for bankruptcy; weighing one of many legal options available at their disposal. Options that will offer them appeal, aid, resorts, and refuge. Options that will protect their personal assets and their Constitutional rights.
  • Family Law: Divorce, separation, child custody, adoptions, alimony, prenuptial agreements, emancipation, and dozens of other legal actions constitute this branch of law commonly known as Family Law. Each of these is a complex legal process that adheres to fluctuating state laws. They are all emotional issues that hit close to the heart. It is critical to find the proper legal representation to fight not only for your benefits and rights but for those of your loved ones.
  • Immigration: there are over 4.4 million immigrants in Florida, and more than 60% of them call South Florida their home. Immigration policy within the state and country is chaotic and oftentimes misleading It is imperative to find a knowledgable attorney that will guide you through the judicial maze that is often associated with immigration. A good attorney will fight for your rights, weighing all manner of factors that work in your favor, and improving your likelihood of success and of being treated properly by the authorities.
  • Estate Planning: in essence, estate planning is the process by which a person shores up their wealth and assets against personal disaster. We rarely want to consider it, but like the old saying goes: “death and taxes are the only things certain in this life.” Estate planning is the method by which someone outlines a program for their fortune while minimizing such time consuming and costly practices like generation-skipping transfers, estate gifts, and income taxes.


The First 30 Minute Consultation is Free

It is paramount to have excellent legal representation when crossing swords in the courtroom or against a competing buffet. A great attorney, one that is well versed in the matters you are about to face, has your best interest insight and knows all the pitfalls you might encounter during your sojourn through the maze that is Florida’s legal system.

At Carlos Gonzalez Law the first 30-minute consultation is always free. If you face any legal issue and are in need of aid don’t be afraid to give us a phone call and schedule a meeting. We are here to help and lend you a welcoming and much-needed hand during this trying period in your life. You have rights and those rights are protected by the law, don’t allow the system to swallow you whole. Get in contact with us and let us face this trial together. To contact Carlos Gonzalez Law directly, please call  (786) 358-6888 or send us a private message.!/contact