What is Expungement and Record Sealing?

A criminal record can follow a person for an entire lifetime, affecting his or her ability to find a job, continue with education, or even sign a lease. Even if a criminal case does not result in a conviction, a record of an arrest and a criminal prosecution remains. It…

Miami-Dade Police New eCitation Program

Earlier this year the Miami-Dade Police unveiled their new eCitation program but unless you have been stopped by a police officer and issued an eCitation, chances are you didn’t know of such program.

What Do You Do When You Get a Traffic Ticket?

We all have seen them. Every morning when we rise from bed and before we leave the house to head to work, we turn on the news station and see their commercials blaring out, “Traffic Ticket! Car Accident!” Call 1-800- so and so and be alleviated of stress.

Do I need to hire an attorney if I get a DUI?

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence and the facts of your case are fairly straightforward, it might seem like a waste of money to hire a DUI attorney. However, DUI law is complicated and the facts of every case are different. So, it’s hard for the average person who doesn’t…

What is a DUI and how to proceed when you get one?

What is a DUI and how to proceed when you get one?People basically think that driving under the influence (DUI) means driving while drunk or while intoxicated. Yes, we agree and even though the definition of a DUI is self-explanatory, it can get a little complex when it comes to the…