3 Reasons Why You Should Never Talk to the Police

Three Simple Reasons Why You Should Never Talk to the Police without An Attorney

 “We love our police officers and appreciate what they do but be like a fish and don’t take the bait!” – Carlos P. Gonzalez

 Reason 1. If your being questioned they generally think your guilty of something.

If you are ever brought in for questioning by a police officer, it is important for you to understand that there is absolutely no scenario where talking to them without an attorney will benefit your cause. They brought you in because they assumed you are guilty of something and anything you say will without a doubt be used in helping them incriminate you. Most people think that refusing to talk to the police means you’re guilty but in actuality, it’s quite the opposite. It cannot be used against you and cannot be mentioned in a trial. The police can often be intimidating. You can get scared and admit something you didn’t mean to say. A police interrogation room was not designed to be welcoming and comfortable. Officers are extensively trained on interrogation techniques. It is completely legal for them to use tricky methods and even to lie about facts of the investigation to get information out of you. The only thing you should open your mouth to say to a police officer is “I would like to call my attorney.” An attorney’s job is to protect and fight for you.   

Second Reason: Even if you feel guilty, your rights still need to be protected.

 Defense lawyers sometimes get portrayed in a negative light on TV and we are usually seen as the ones in the courtroom who are protecting the bad guy even though everyone knows that person is guilty. By definition, the law and the legal proceedings were created to protect the innocent and guilty alike, ensure everyone gets the opportunity to get the best legal representation and due process. If the justice system was simply based on whether a person was innocent or guilty, we actually would never have had a legal system in the first place. There are at least two sides to every story and the best way to explain your side of the story is to have a well-educated and well-skilled lawyer do the fighting for you.

Third Reason: The police have no legal authority to make a deal with you in return for your statement.

Let’s say you get asked to come into the police station by an officer. They ask you questions and tell you that if you admit you are guilty and tell them what happened then they will give you a good deal, like less jail time. They do this to trick you into admiting your guilt (regardless of actual guilt) and give details to whatever they are accusing you of doing. They arrest you, book you in and when you face the judge and the prosecuting attorney, the attorney ask for a heavier sentence than the one the police officer had promised you. You end up getting a harsher penalty, all because you talked to the police officer instead of refusing to say anything and calling a lawyer. The police don’t have any legal obligations or authority to give you a lighter sentence if you talk or admit your guilt. Although they work together, the police and the State Attorney’s Office are not the same departments. They are separate. The State Attorney’s Office or in some instances the judge are the ones that can offer deals. Let your lawyer do the deal-making for you. Remember you have less chips to bargain with if you gave the state the case on a platter by talking to the cops without an attorney.

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